Users with Billing Permissions can group appointments onto a single claim. 

Before You Begin

Only organizations who are using Assisted Claims with Apex Clearinghouse can group or ungroup appointments on a claim submission. 

The invoice must already be created with multiple dates of service. This is a per invoice setting. 

You cannot group appointments into a single claim in batch invoicing. You must go to each invoice to group into a single claim. 

Group Appointments into a Single Claim

Invoice Already Created

  1. Navigate to the desired client's ledger.
  2. Under the Actions column click on the Select an Action button.
  3. Choose View Details from the dropdown menu.
  4. Mark the box, Group All Appointments into a Single Claim.
  5. Click the green Save button to save or the down carrot next to the green save and choose Save & Add to Claims Awaiting Submission.

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