After submitting a claim to a clearinghouse the claim will appear as "In Progress"

What does "In Progress" mean?

This status means that it is officially out of your hands and either with the payer or the clearinghouse. This status shows on the invoice and ledger.

What if insurance processed or paid the claim?

If insurance has made a payment the claim must be marked as paid for the status to change in TheraNest. If the claim failed or was declined that status must also be changed in order for the status to change on the invoice and ledger. .

How do I get the invoice to not show "In Progress"?

Apex User:
If the claim is on the Accepted tab you and you have received the ERA payment you can update the status. Click Update Status and choose the status of Paid/Processed from the dropdown menu. 

Non-Apex User:
If you have received an ERA payment for a claim you will want to go to the Submitted tab and find that claim. Next to the claim click the Update Status button and choose the status of Paid from the dropdown menu. 

What about Secondary or Tertiary?

If the claim was submitted and there is a secondary insurance on the client's bill to and insurance info page then the claim status could appear as the following:

PI: In Progress
Primary Insurance In Progress

SI: In Progress
Secondary Insurance In Progress


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