You may need to resubmit a corrected claim and change the previously billed code. Removing the sessions from the invoice is the only way to make the calendar session editable again. Here are the steps you can take:

  1. Mark the claim as "Failed/Rejected" by going to Billing > Claims > Submitted Claims > Status > Failed Rejected.
  2. Open the existing invoice on the client's ledger and click " + Add Invoice Item" to act as a placeholder for the invoice since it's already been submitted - add any date and service for this placeholder.
  3. Remove the original appointment date(s) with the incorrect service type by clicking the "x" in the right column (it's now editable via the calendar).
  4. Save invoice.
  5. Correct the appointment on the calendar with the correct service date. Save appointment.
  6. Go back to the invoice and remove/swap out the placeholder date of service with the updated calendar appointment date of service - use the Recent 30 Days/All Past filters at the top of the invoice to pull it in, then "x" out the placeholder service date to remove.

Then you can resubmit the claim using these instructions:

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