You need billing permissions to switch payers to Apex

Before You Begin

This article is for TheraNest customers who have previously submitted claims through another clearinghouse and are switching to Apex. If you do not have a previous clearinghouse connection, please click here to learn about how to connect to a clearinghouse.

If your payer does not require EDI enrollment you can switch right away. For payers that do require enrollment you must wait till you have received approval. Check which payers require EDI Enrollment on the Apex Payer List

Switch Payers

  1. From the primary navigation bar click Billing. You will land on the Insurer page.
  2. Find the payer that needs to be switched to Apex, then click Edit
  3. From the Clearinghouse drop down menu, choose Apex
  4. Find the correct Payer ID through Apex on the Apex Payer List.
  5. Update the Payer ID.
  6. Click Save.

Once this switch has been made for a payer, claims submitted to that payer will be submitted through Apex. 

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