Before you begin using the Client Portal, it is important to understand each feature, how it works, and who will have access to it. We have several digestible training videos for you to learn more about how the Client Portal works.

Subscribing to the Client Portal

Do You Need a Subscription?
If your organization has multiple therapists who wish to securely message their clients or allow self-scheduling then yes, you'll want to add those staff members to your Client Portal subscription. Accepting payments and completing intake forms are included for all therapists at no additional cost. A subscription is needed when you want to allow those therapists to have a self-scheduling or secure messaging option. If you're a solo provider then your subscription is free. All features of the Client Portal are included for one staff member in your TheraNest subscription. For more information on subscribing, use this guide.

Who Can Use the Portal?
Only Organization Administrators can send Client Portal invites and Intake forms to clients. Therapists subscribed to the Client Portal can access completed Intakes, send and receive secure messages, allow self-scheduling, and receive client-made payments from the Portal.

Know Which Features your Organization Will Use

Client Portal features can be controlled from the Client Portal Settings tab located under the Organization section of TheraNest. The Organization Administrator can control which features to turn on or off. Settings here impact all providers using the Client Portal.

Sending Intakes and Invites to the Client Portal

The most widely used feature of the Client Portal is the ability to send and receive electronically signed Intake paperwork from clients. Only Organization Administrators can send Intakes and Invites.

Creating Intake Forms
There are three standard forms we provide: 

  • Standard Intake Questionnaire

  • Informed Consent for Psychotherapy

  • Notice of Privacy Practices

All of these can be located under Organization > Client Portal > Intake Forms. If you have other forms you would like to send to clients, you will want to create them in TheraNest. For help creating intake forms, use this training video

Sending Intake Forms and Client Portal Invitations
TheraNest allows for you to send forms to new clients and clients throughout treatment. To send intake forms to clients for the first time you have to invite them to the Client Portal.  To invite your clients to the Client Portal, you can use this guide. The invitation is where you will select which forms to send your client. You can tailor your invitation message and save it for future use. 

  • Important: Do not use the "Sign Up" link to invite clients who already have a client file in your account. That will create a duplicate. 

  • It is important to note that for privacy reasons, each Client Portal must have a unique email address. You cannot use the same email address for multiple Client Portal invitations.

Receiving Signed Forms and Resending Forms
Once a client has signed and submitted their forms back to you, you can access those forms from their Client Details > General Documents. All staff members assigned to the client will receive an email after the Intake forms are submitted. If at any point you need to resend forms to an established Client Portal client, you can use this guide. 

Client Access to the Portal

After clients create their Client Portal accounts, they may forget how to access the Portal. You can find the login link on your Organization > Client Portal page. Please share the Login Link with your existing Client Portal clients who will need to access the Portal for self-scheduling, payments, and messaging. Clients will need to use that unique web address any time they need to access the Portal. 

Client Self-Scheduling

Staff members with Therapist or Administrator level permissions and a Client Portal subscription can have clients self-schedule appointments through the Client Portal. It will be important for each staff member using the Client Portal for self-scheduling to set up their own Self-Scheduling settings using this guide

Secure Messaging

Staff members with Therapist level permissions and a Client Portal subscription can use the Secure Messaging option to send and receive HIPAA compliant messages to clients they are assigned to. Administrators with a Client Portal subscription can send secure messages to any client who has a Client Portal account. For steps on using secure messaging, use this guide.

Client Payments

If the Organization is using TheraNest to process credit card payments, clients can make payments in their Portal as long as they have an open invoice with a client balance due. Both the Administrator and the assigned Therapist will receive a payment notification. To help your clients, we have created this guide you can share with them on how to make a payment in their account.

Resources for Clients

How to Create Your Client Portal Account and Complete Intake Forms
Completing and Submitting Intake Forms in the Client Portal (video)
Creating an Appointment in the Client Portal
Making Payments in your Client Portal Account

Additional Resources for Providers

Explanation of Client Shortcuts
Who Receives Notification of an Online Payment
Send Mass Message to Clients
Confirm/Decline Client Appointments from the Client Portal

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