You must have Billing permissions to write a claim memo. 

Before You Begin

This feature is only available to TheraNest customers who submit claims through the Apex Clearinghouse. 

At this time you can only write a claim memo for claims that have been submitted to the clearinghouse. Claims in "Awaiting Submission" cannot have a claim memo.

You cannot edit a claim memo or delete a claim memo after you click save. You can however, write a new claim memo.

Write a Claim Note

  1. Click on Billing in the Primary Navigation bar.
  2. In the sidebar menu click Claims.
  3. Click on the tab your claim is under. 
  4. Find your claim and click the Actions button.
  5. Choose Add Claim Memo from the dropdown.
  6. Type your note.
  7. Click Save.

View the Claim Memo by viewing the Claim History.

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