There are two options for finding unbilled appointments.

Option One

Batch Invoicing

Permissions needed: Billing

You can use Batch Invoicing to find all dates of service missing and invoice and create invoices for those appointments in a few clicks. 

  1. Click on Billing in the primary navigation bar
  2. In the sidebar navigation click on Batch Invoicing
  3. Set the date range you're looking for. You can even filter by how the client pays (insurance or self-pay) and staff member.
  4. Click Search.
  5. All clients who have a date of service in that date range and do not have a client will pull in. You then can create those invoices by clicking on the green "Create Selected Invoices" button. 

To learn more about Batch Invoicing and see it in action click here. 

Option Two

Detailed Attendance Report

Permissions Needed: Default. 

You can filter the Detailed Attendance report by unbilled appointments. You cannot create the invoices from here but if you want to see more client info this report works great. 

  1. Click Reports in the primary navigation bar
  2. Under the Appointments section click Detailed Attendance Report
  3. Input your desired date range and any other filters.
  4. For Billing Status select the bubble for Not Billed Only.
  5. Click Run Report. 

You can then export to CSV or PDF. To learn more about the Detailed Attendance Report click here. 

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