TheraNest allows you  to document insurance recoupments/take-backs on client invoices and ledgers automatically when users process ERA payments.


Users with Billing Permissions can process negative and zero dollar payments.

Before You Begin

  • Negative payments can only be added to the ledger from an ERA. 
  • They can only be applied to open invoices
  • If no invoice is found it will be added to the ledger as an unapplied payment.
  • You cannot edit dollar amount for negative (or zero) dollar adjustments or payments, all other details are editable and negative/zero payments can be unapplied and applied to invoices just like all other payments.

Process and Apply Negative Payment Amounts

  1. You will process the negative payments and zero payments like any other payment in your ERA. 
  2. Once the payment has been processed it will attach to the correct invoice or if no invoice is found it will be added to the unapplied payments section of the ledger.
  3. You then can apply that payment to an open invoice with an insurance balance due just like applying a regular payment. 

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