Are TheraNest Notes SOAP notes?

The progress notes we are using are essentially an enhanced SOAP note format. So you can use our progress note template as SOAP notes.

Are signatures required for my notes? Can I require signatures?

TheraNest does not require you to sign documents and there is not a way to make signatures required. You may implement your own business standard operating procedure that requires signatures. Also, some payers you submit to may require you to sign your notes or treatment plans. 

Can I import my own note template? 

At this time existing note templates can’t be imported into TheraNest. However, you can create custom forms in TheraNest to create your own forms and collect any supplemental information our forms do not collect for you. 

Can I edit the Progress Note Template?

You can remove all fields or sections that are not applicable to you by following the steps int his article - Edit Note Template

Can I add my own fields to the Progress Note template?

Not at this time! But please vote on that idea and leave any specific feedback/suggestions you want the product team to be aware of here.

Are TheraNest notes Medicare compliant? 

Medicare compliancy is guided by state Medicare/Medicaid rules. There is no universal mental health note format, or more specifically, no format that is universally accepted by all insurers. We have attempted to create a note format which is acceptable to the majority of providers and to the insurers they work with.

If you need to comply with a particular policy based on your region and our progress note template does not meet your needs, you are welcome to design your own note using the custom form builder or reach out to our support team. 

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