You must have Billing Permissions to view and correct a claim


Status Details - Category Code: (A8) Acknowledgement / Rejected for relational field in error., Status: Entity's National Provider Identifier (NPI), Entity: BillingProvider (85)

What to do

The Billing Provider name/NPI is not on file with this insurance company. Please verify how you are credentialed with this insurance.  Ensure you are submitting to the correct Payer ID.

You double check the NPI's that are listed in the system by going to Organization > Settings > Profile. Scroll to the bottom of the page for your Organziation NPI. 

For staff you can click Staff > Details to check on individual NPI's. You can update the Billing Provider on a claim by following the instructions in this article

After you've made you corrections you'll want to resubmit the claim. 

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