New Apex Scrub!

To prevent claims from being rejected at the clearinghouse we added some new scrubs! This way you can make the corrections before you submit. 

  1. Payer ID is invalid for Apex EDI claim submissions. Click here to fix it.
  2. The referring provider cannot be your own organization. Click [here] to fix it.
  3. Client must authorize release of information to the insurance payer. Click [here] to fix it.

Load All Appointments!

We heard you loud and clear. You want to see all client appointments on the Appointment History. You can now click Load Full History on the appointments section of the client to see all their appointments.

Add Column for Client ID to all Claims Grids

Searching for clients in your claims just got easier. We added the column for client ID to make searching easier. 

Change Client Portal Setting "Hide insurance info" to "Display insurance info" 

We saw there was some confusion on what Hide Insurance info meant. If you want your clients to enter in insurance information you'll want Display Insurance Info turned to on. If you do not wish your clients to see or edit this information themselves then have it turned off.

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