Clear Messaging for Client Portal Invites and Forms! 

There was some confusion on what "pending" and "submitted" meant when it came to inviting clients to the portal so we switched up the wording to make it easier to understand! We also added a visual indicator so you can easily see who an invitation has been sent to yet hasn't created a client portal account yet.

Sent = Portal Account activated but has NOT completed forms.
Completed = Has portal account and has completed and submitted all forms.
Invitation sent = A client does not have an active client portal account but has been invited to create an account. 

Increased Character Limit when Declining Appointments from the Client Portal

You can now use up to 400 characters when declining an appointment to a client in TheraNest via the client portal! There is still no character limit for secure messages. 

Special Characters Allowed Back into the Invoice Number!

Feel free to go back to including those dashes in your invoice number!

ERA File Name showed as Default when Viewing ERAs Received

Although the ERA filename was a field you could add when you customize the grid we wanted to make viewing your ERAs easier! That field is now included in your default view.

Fixed Issue!

$0 Statement Balances were not populating on the Statements. This issue is now resolved. 

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