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Before You Begin

This is an example suggestion that we find works for many organizations. We understand that it may not be the solution for you and your organization, since every organization bills for no shows differently.

Bill for No Shows

  1. If you haven't already go ahead and create a non-cpt service type called, No Show Fee or something that very clearly states what the fee is for. 
  2. Go to the appointment and be sure to update the status that is a No Show
  3. Leave the original service type of the appointment AND add your Now Show Fee Service Type. 
  4. Create Invoice for the appointment like normal. 
  5. Here is where things can differ on your policy. 
  • Some charge the full session fee plus an additional no show fee. If that's the case then you can go ahead and email or send the client this invoice with both service types listed. 
  • If you're charging just the No Show Fee you will want to EDIT the invoice.  You can enter in 0 for the amount of the original service type or remove the original service type entirely. Whatever makes you feel better! Then you can send the client the updated invoice. 

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