Anyone has access to the URL link in a client's appointment history or the note section of the calendar appointment.  

Before You Begin

Each Telehealth session has it's own unique link that only works for that session.

Send URL

Automatically Via Appointment Reminder
Text and Email appointment reminders allow for you to include the placeholder, {{TelehealthLink}}. If this placeholder is used the Telehealth session link will automatically send with your appointment reminder. If you have sessions that are not Telehealth the placeholder will be blank and not count towards your character count. 

Via Secure Message

Even though clients can launch the session from the portal without a link you may want to send it to them anyways. Click here to learn how you can share the Telehealth link via Secure Message for users with a client portal account. 

Via Email

Staff members can access the unique URL when they double click on the appointment from the calendar. You can then paste that URL into an email to send to the client. The client does not need to download any apps or software to join the session. However, they may need to give their browser permissions to access the camera and microphone. Feel free to send them this article with your Telehealth link. 

Via Text

If you have text appointment reminders enabled then you have the ability to send one off texts to your clients. You'll copy the URL from the appointment window in the calendar. Then follow these steps to send a manual text. 

You will first need to Activate Text Message Appointment Reminders in the application.

Text messages are $0.02 per text per 160 characters.

  1. Click on the Reminders Log tab of the client's profile.

  2. Click the Send Text Messages button.

  3. A pop up window will show where you can enter the text message.

  4. Paste in the unique URL along with any other messaging.  

  5. Click Submit to send to the client.

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