We have an entire FAQ article related to Telehealth. If you don't find your question here please click here to see if it's posted there. This is article is more focused on COVID-19 scenario questions we are seeing. 

Can I cancel Telehealth after COVID-19 subsides?

Yes, Telehealth is a month to month per provider subscription. When you're ready to go back to business as normal you can cancel your Telehealth subscription.

Do I have to use the Client Portal to use Telehealth?

No, it's just integrated so clients can launch sessions right from their portal. It's not required to use Telehealth though. 

Can TheraNest handle this influx of users?

We reached out to our Telehealth partner, TokBox (now Vonage), they assured us that they will continue to monitor closely to ensure uninterrupted service for our customers.

Is there an option for Groups? 

Yes, we offer group Telehealth as well. It's a separate subscription. Click here to learn more. 

If I am seeing multiple clients but they will be together using the same device do I have to use the group plan?

No, but if the couple is a group in your TheraNest then you will not be able to create a Telehealth appointment for that group without the group plan. A workaround is to create a Telehealth session for just one of the clients for now. 

Can I bill insurance for Telehealth sessions?

Telehealth insurance reimbursement is dependent on the individual payer but changes are happening rapidly during this time. You can find updated resources here.

Will our sessions be recorded?

No. TheraNest does not allow for session video or audio to be recorded.

Do I need to create a new location?

Creating a location is not necessary. However, if you use appointment reminders and have the placeholder <<LOCATION>> used it may confuse your clients. So you may want to remove that placeholder or in fact create a new location. 

Speaking of Location do I need to change the Place of Service?

Yes, most payers want you to change the place of service for Telehealth appointments. Click here to learn how to do this. 

Do I need to create new service types?

If you're submitting to insurance then yes. You'll want to create a new service type using your usual code but adding in a modifier. Your payer is the only one who can tell you which modifier to use. You'll have to reach out to them. After you created your service type make sure to include it in your calendar filters. 

Telehealth Appointments are missing from my calendar.

This is because you or your organization added a new service type for Telehealth. The service type needs to be included in your calendar filters so it shows. See article for more information. 

How do I share my link with my clients?

See article here.

How does the Client Portal and Telehealth work together?

See video here!

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