Administrators or users subscribed to Telehealth can convert recurring appointments. 

Before You Begin

We cannot convert Recurring Group Appointments to Telehealth.

These instructions are for recurring appointments. If your appointment is not part of a recurring series click here. 


If you make any changes to the series (example: change time, staff member, location, etc)  BEFORE a converted appointment takes place, that Telehealth session will be reverted to a regular appointment. The link will be removed from the occurrence and will not work for your client. Because of this we suggest only converting a small amount of recurring sessions at a time. 

Convert Appointments

  1. On the calendar navigate to the date/appointment you wish to convert to a Telehealth session.

  2. Double click on the appointment and choose to Edit Occurrence. 

  3. Mark the box in the appointment window for Telehealth Session.

  4. Click Save. 

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