You must be an Administrator to add/edit appointment reminders.

Before You Begin

The link can be added to both Text and Email reminders. If there are appointments that are NOT Telehealth sessions no link or text will appear.

Email Reminders are free.

Text Reminders are $.02 per text per 160 characters. Spaces count.
One message will be sent per 160 characters. Example: Your message ends up being 180 characters. 2 text messages will be sent with a total of $.04 being charged.

$.02 is charged for both reminders sent to clients, and their responses back to you.

  1. Click on Organization in your primary navigation bar.

  2. In the sidebar navigation click Appointment Reminders.

  3. Click on the Text or Email tab.

  4. Feel free to edit and adjust the text of your reminder so it makes sense where the Telehealth link should appear.

  5. In the message click so the cursor appears where you want the Telehealth Link to appear.

  6. Click the {{Telehealthlink}} placeholder button.

  7. Click Save.

The Telehealth Link from the appointment window will appear where the placeholder does.

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