You must have Billing permissions to reverse ERA processing.

Before You Begin

When you need to reverse an ERA processed payment the claim hides. To get the claim to show you must remove all associated payments from the invoice AND delete the payments.

Reverse ERA Processing

  1. From the Paid & Processed tab click on the invoice number for the desired entry you want to reverse.
  2. This will open the invoice for you to make changes. Scroll down to the payments section. Click the button that says, "Do not apply to this invoice" for every payment listed.
  3. Click Save. You will be returned to the clients ledger.
  4. The payments that you removed from the invoice still need to be deleted. Find the payments in the, Unapplied Payments/Credits and Refunds section of the ledger.
  5. Click the Delete button next to those removed payments.
  6. Return to Billing > Claims > Paid/Processed tab. Find the item you wish to reverse.
  7. Click Actions > Undo ERA & Claim Processing

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