TheraNest offers TWO convenient and FREE training options for our customers!



TheraNest knows and understands how busy you are. We don't want to hold you back from getting your hands on all things TheraNest so we have training on demand. You can watch these videos as often and as many times as needed. Share the whole site with your team or just share specific topics and videos.  We will continue to update this site with more videos and classes as TheraNest progresses. 

To view the trainings you will first need to sign in:

The links below will take you directly to your desired class. The larger button at the bottom will take you to our page where you can view all our classes as well as short how to videos. 

Setting up Your TheraNest

Billing Setup (please watch before Billing)



Managing Clients and Staff

Mastering the Calendar

Managing Cases and Notes

Client Portal Settings and Navigation


We also offer live classes taught by our Training Specialist, Lauren! These classes are taught in a virtual classroom environment. The courses cover the same topics and points in the on demand classes, but the live classes allow for you to interact with the instructor and ask questions live! 

  1. Find class on the left
  2. Click Register Now
  3. Choose Date and Time
  4. Complete Registration Form
  5. Use link that will be sent to your email to join the class on the date and time selected.

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