Note: Must be logged in as an Administrator.

Adding Service Types

  1. Go to Organization > Settings > Service Types tab
  2. Add your service types along with the rates under the Add Service Types section. Enter optional CPT codes. You can find CPT codes by typing part of the code number or name in the CPT code text box as it will auto fill. If you want your CPT codes to show along with service name on the calendar and other documents, then enter Service Type as CPT Code: Service Name , e.g. 90203 - Counseling. Code Modifiers can be entered by typing the letter or number that corresponds to the code and the rest will populate below. Be sure to click Save to save your new service type.

Editing Service Types

  1. To edit a Service Type click the Edit button to the right of the service type you wish to edit.
  2. The service type and it's information will populate to the left. After you have edited the information click Save to update the service type.

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