1) Go to the client's Ledger page.

2) Click Accept Payment.

3) An entire list of open invoices will appear along with their invoice numbers. You can click the

sign next to the invoice numbers to hide those invoice details and show less on the page.

4) Client Payment is selected as a default, select Insurance Payment to apply a payment from an insurance provider.

  • Enter the amount of the payment in the Total Amount field, or just begin clicking the check boxes next to the sessions you'd like to make payments for, and this field will be calculated for you
  • Be sure to check the boxes next to the Service Dates you wish to apply payments to so the payments are applied to these particular sessions and not as an unapplied payment/credit
    Note: Checking these boxes when Insurance Payment is checked will set the payment amounts to the Insurance Amount Due, unless this amount has already been paid
  • If you are making a payment that is less than the Insurance Amount Due, be sure to enter this amount in the Payment on the right. This field defaults to the client amount due/co-pay.

4) As you scroll down the screen, a window will keep track of the total payment to be made. Click Save here or at the top right of the page to save your payments.

Here is a short video explaining the above process:

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