You can create multiple Statements at once for many clients or you can complete a Statement for an individual client

Batch Statements

  1. To create multiple Statements for clients at once click Billing > Batch Statements

 2. The Batch Statement page is filterable by Start Date and End Date and allows you to include Superbill-Level Details when printed.

You can also Exclude Zero Amount Invoices and Exclude Insurance Responsibility by checking the box below the End Date.

After you have set the date range click Apply to generate the Statement.

3. A Statement will include the amount billed, service date, service type, payment date, payment amount and payment method. You can now print and email invoices visible only on a single page under Batch Statements. Use this feature to print off smaller batches of Statements more quickly. If you don't mark this box it will print or email all statements. 

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