You can share your screen with clients (and vice versa) during telehealth sessions via a web browser.


Chrome: after installation of our browser extension
Firefox: after allowing Firefox to share your screen

All browsers and devices supporting telehealth allow you to view a shared screen via the Apple operating system, but not share your screen at this time.

1) Start the video and unmute your microphone after beginning a telehealth session, then click the Start Sharing button on the bottom of the session window.

Using Chrome:

  1a) The first time you use screen sharing via Chrome, you'll see a notification at the       top right of TheraNest asking you to install the extension. Click the text: the screen       sharing extension in this message to get to the extension page.

  1b) A new tab will open in your browser for the Chrome Web Store; click the Add to     Chrome button at the top right:

   1c) Confirm that the extension can be added to your Chrome browser by clicking the    Add Extension button; you'll see a confirmation message that the extension has           been added.

    1d) Click the Start Sharing button a second time back on the telehealth window.            Once you've added the extension you'll only need to click this button once moving       forward.

     1e) Click either the Your Entire Screen or Application Window buttons to share your      whole screen, or just a specific open application or document.

Using Firefox: 

  1a) The first time you use screen sharing via Firefox, the browser will ask for              permission to share your screen. Click the Allow button.

You'll see a window containing either your desktop or the document you chose to share; the other person will see you moving around this screen.

You can maximize your telehealth window to see a larger view using the button at the top right of the window.

Use the Stop Sharing button in the telehealth window to stop sharing your screen. While you're sharing, this button is red. When not sharing the Start Sharing button appears in blue, and the other person on the call can now share their screen if they meet the system requirements.

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