Wiley Practice Planner is a monthly subscription per therapist. You have full control of which therapists are able to use the Wiley Practice Planner in their account.

  1. You can control the Wiley Practice Planner subscription on the same page you control your TheraNest subscription. From the tabs on the left click Organization > Manage Subscription. Click the tab Wiley Practice Planner Subscription on the top right.

2. Enter the staff member in the search box next to Add Staff. Select the staff member from the drop down list.

 3. The new staff member will appear in the list as "added." Click Update Subscribed Staff List and you'll see the staff member appear in the list.

When your subscription is changed mid month (or mid year), we do not automatically charge you on that subscription change date - we wait to charge you until your Renewal Date. At that time you are credited for any unused time on the previous plan, charged for remaining time on the new plan, and then charged the full amount for the upcoming month/year. TheraNest subscriptions are charged in advance for the month to come.

This article and video will walk you through completing the Wiley Treatment Planner in TheraNest.

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