If you haven't subscribed to the Wiley Practice Planners then you can do so by following this article. Completing Wiley Treatment Planners are very easy.

1. In the client's case click the Treatment Plans tab. When your account is setup to complete Wiley Treatment Planners you will see a button to the right titled Wiley Treatment Planning. Click the Wiley Treatment Planning button to begin completing the Wiley Treatment Planner.

2. Select the Problem that is dependent of the Diagnostic Impression that is entered in the client's Initial Assessment. After you have selected the Problem click Next at the bottom of the page to continue.

3. Select the Behavioral Definitions and click Next.

4. Select the appropriate Goals and click Next.

5. Select the appropriate Objectives and click Next.

6. Select the appropriate Interventions for the Objectives and click Next.

7. After you have made all the selections click Generate Treatment Plan to create the plan and populate all of the behavior descriptions, goals, objectives, and interventions into the Treatment Plan form. You can also add additional information if needed by typing directly into the text fields.

Watch this quick video walk through on completing Wiley Treatment Planners in TheraNest:

Note: All Wiley Treatment Planners will include the Wiley tag on the list of Treatment Plans.

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